Trek Foodtruck Festival 2019 – Maastricht

Trek Food Truck Festival Maastricht

Lots of cities have food truck festivals but the Trek Foodtruck Festival in Maastricht is really well organized. There’s a pretty good variety, the food is executed quickly and its definitely “lekker.” (One of the most important dutch words that can describe almost anything and roughly translates to “tasty”).

Foodtrucks are great because you can support a small start-up company affordably and they are increasingly becoming more creative and bring diversity in food culture. And who doesn’t like eating and drinking outside on a nice day? Foodtrucks are a win-win.

Here’s a little review of some of my favourites at the event including some Dutch staples…

La Fritas

They say that Belgium does the best fries but I’m not so sure because these Dutch “Fritjes” were perfect. They’ve also mastered the art of designing a paper cone for the fries that includes a little pocket for a dip. Crispy on the outside, nicely seasoned and served with your favourite dip.  Trek Food Truck Festival Maastricht

Indian Street Food

Although the picture doesn’t really do it justice, this was probably my favourite as everything was cooked properly and it was really tasty. They had a couple tandoori ovens set up with one dude making fresh naan bread to order! I took the chicken tandoori which was clearly marinated in yoghurt as it was incredibly tender and flavourful. Paired with some fresh veggies and a bit of yoghurt and stuffed into a butter-brushed fresh naan! Deadly.Indian street food

 Smoked Fish

It was really cool to see some vendors doing things properly and in this case smoking fish to order over charcoal. Although I’m not sure this is really a food truck it’s definitely worth checking out and it gets my respect. Smoked white fish


Here’s a dutch staple that is always good and even more epic when made fresh. It’s essentially a warm spiced caramel sandwiched between two super thin cookie wafers. Tastes like warm butter and cinnamon cookies. What’s not to like…StroopwafelsStroopwafels and beer


Yeah pancakes are great but have you ever had mini pancakes? It’s sort of like those mini donuts from Tiny Tom’s we have at carnivals in Canada – they are just so much better than a normal sized donut.

It’s expected to throw a big cube of butter on top the poffertjes and then drown them icing sugar at the least but you can also get them with Nutella, apples or fruit. For me, simple is always best and butter and sugar takes the win. If you ever see a poffertjes stand, don’t miss out.

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